National GuidelinesonExternal Quality Assessment – LQASforSputum AFB Microscopy

Publication Year 6 Aug 2023

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With the commitment of the Ministry of Health, the Republic of the Union of Myanmar the first version of “National Guidelines on External Quality Assessment for AFB Microscopy” was developed in the year (2007). We thanked to Mr. Somsak Rienthong, Head, National TB Reference Laboratory, Bangkok, Thailand for his valuable advice and the Major Infectious Disease Control Project, JICA for supporting the development and dissemination process of the first version book of NTP, Myanmar.
We would like to acknowledge Mrs. Akiko Fujiki (JATA) for her appreciated advice for development of this second version of National Guidelines on External Quality Assessment for sputum AFB Microscopy (2015). This book is updated with addition of Fluorescence Microscopy work.
We are also grateful to the Director (Laboratory Services), the Deputy Directors and Microbiologists from National TB Programme and National Health Laboratory, Yangon for proof reading. Last but not the least to TB Officers and Senior TB Laboratory Supervisors for their active participation and suggestions given at the Workshop on Improvement of Quality Assurance System for AFB Microscopy.