Guidelines for theProgrammatic management ofTB/HIV in Myanmar

Publication Year 6 Aug 2023

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It has been 10 years since TBHIV activities have been started in 7 townships. The operational frame, implementation model and tools for monitoring and evaluation have been developed.
Although there are National Guidelines for HIV and TB that are updated regularly in accordance with WHO guidelines, there has not been a consolidated guideline for the clinical management of TB/HIV patients.
The essential knowledge such as clinical presentations of HIV related TB, differential diagnosis, diagnosis of presumptive extra-pulmonary and disseminated forms of TB, treatment of active TB patients living with HIV are included in this guideline with the contribution from experienced clinicians and skilled program staff.
The brief information about recommended TB/HIV collaborative activities, diagnosis of TB in people living with HIV with flow diagram of XPert testing, infection control, the key indicators, their definitions, and recording forms from program side will permit the attending clinicians to have orientation related to TB/HIV and programmatic management.
I am confident that this guideline will be of considerable help not only to keep the optimal quality of care but also to expand and enhance the scope and scale-up of Myanmar’s TB/HIV collaborative activities. The National TB Program and National AIDS Program are thus able to monitor and evaluate the TB/HIV activities by putting the Guidelines for the Programmatic Management of TB/HIV co-infection in Myanmar.