HIV self testing as an entry point to PrEP services in Nigeria

HIV/TB Research 3 Mar 2024

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  • HIV self testing (HIVST) has the potential to expand access to and uptake of HIV pre exposure prophylaxis (PrEP).
  • In November 2021, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended HIVST as an approach that could simplify and support PrEP initiation and delivery.
  • In Nigeria, PrEP is initiated following facility HIV testing services (HTS), and is coupled with repeat testing to identify breakthrough HIV infections before PrEP refills.
  • Frequent facility visits combined with long waiting times have been identified as some of the barriers to the uptake of PrEP services in Nigeria.
  • To address these barriers, the HIV Self Testing (STAR) project Nigeria, through its catalytic support, analyzed the impact of using HIVST to enhance PrEP uptake among the general and key populations.